Mimi & Momo the M&M’s, crossing patrol officers

This month, in the series day-to-day heroes, we proudly introduce the M&M !
Monique and Myriam, Momo and Mimi, or again M&M the super crossing patrol officers whom we love a lot. They are the Charlie’s angels of the pedestrian crossing, the fairies of the gloomy days, the angels of the children, the stars of the tram-stop Quidort (nr 14).
Without them the pedestrian crossings are lonely, sad and grey.
They gently grasp their lollipops (those signs on poles, difficult to find the correct translation, I like lollipop, by the way in the UK and Australia crossing patrol officers are also refered to as lollipoplady/man) everytime a child or an elderly gent needs to cross but they can be firm when cyclists bike on their feet, and it does happen !
If you ever have the time around lunch time or after school, stop and talk 2 minutes with Momo and her passion for swimming and lifeguards ;O), she’s going to charm you with her beautiful smile and natural congeniality. Mimi on the other hand makes magnificent photos, without pretense she posts them on FB for the pleasure of her friends, she has a soft spot for sunrises and sunsets, who could have told that in Petit-Lancy you could watch such spectacular sunrises and sunsets ?
Mimi likes to snack on E’Cubes. Her most striking memory, of using E’Cubes, was in Chamonix on the Sea Of Ice (Mer De Glace), no time to eat a proper meal, you climb you climb and suddenly you are ravenous ! you get the E’Cubes by Amondgy out of the bag and you can climb until the end of the day !
Momo prefers to snack occasionally on E’Cubes after her swimming, swimming makes one very hungry !

Thank you, Mimi, Momo to always take care of the kids and of the pedestrians at the pedestrian crossing Quidort in Petit-Lancy !





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