2 fuels to be lasting and efficient

The body has two distinct energy producing systems: fat based and sugar based.

Jet fuel: Sugar-based energy results in rapid, time-limited stimulation (1’800 Kcal*), presenting stress and toxicity to the body and promoting fat storage.

Diesel: The fat based energy system is nearly limitless  (40’000 Kcal*) and promotes optimal health.

Training the body to burn fat, not sugar, is the key to maximum health and endurance.

The winning strategy

During an effort, the more I am in the diesel mode, the less I need to feed myself. If I want to boost my performance, I can consume with moderation the jet fuel rather towards the 2/3 of the effort. Never at the beginning, because I will decrease, see prevent my body from burning fat. see article

*number of Kcal theoretically available in the human body