About us

Almondgy® ?

Almondgy® means:  « Almond » from the word almond and «gy » from energy ..


In 3 points

  • Organic nutrition
  • Low in sugar
  • High in nutrients



Sugar vs Fat…Nutrients and fibers

What was, not long ago a huge debate is now a fact: most industrial products are too sweet, lack nutriments and fibers and contain far too many bad fats in order to preserve them longer and reduce costs.

It seems important to us to be able to offer to the consumer an option based on healthy lipids, high in nutrients and fibers.

  • Energy based on sugar leads to rapid stimulation over a limited period causing short-term stress and toxicity within the body and causing build-up of fat.
  • Energy based on fat is practically unlimited and fosters optimal health.

Our products are GI low, source of protein, rich in fibers and monounsaturated fats. Without added gluten* and lactosefree. *may contain traces



Sustainable development

We are organic certified and audited, once a year, by bio inspecta (www.bio-inspecta.ch), which seems self-evident for the health of our consumers and of the planet.

Almondgy® offers products with lasting and non-toxic energy, which falls perfectly within the approach.

The next stage is packaging, for which, for reasons of feasibility (adaptability to the hand) and cost, we have intially chosen a pragmatic solution.



Who are our products aimed at?

Naturally sportspeople and athletes, many of whom do in fact use our products.

We have you (ourselves) in mind, the ones we call the day-to-day heroes, those of us who have to juggle with family life, work, leisure and sport, all those who have different facets to their daily lives, who need energy ad who in particular have come to realise that one’s body and health must be respected.

On the subject of health, without going into detail… Almondgy® is now an official supplier to the Geneva University Hospital, a recognition which is a source of genuine pride.


Meet our day-to-day heroes

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