Who we are

Chantal et David Genecand,
co-founders of the Almondgy® brand



Harmony at home, harmony at work.


Chantal Genecand co-founder of Almondgy®, loves being on the move, discovering and sharing things, inspiring others, learning and innovating. From yoga (I give Ashtanga Vinyasa classes),to running (I run behind my husband) to experimenting in the kitchen (it doesn’t always work but for David “it’s excellent, darling!”) to hiking and travelling, my biggest fault is that I regularly move the furniture, trinkets and other little things around the house so it’s not easy to follow me ;O.

My dream: to cure people through their diet.


David Genecand co-founder of Almondgy® loves sport and everything to do with the “physically, mentally and emotionally healthy sportsman”, loves sharing discoveries (“I test everything with my wife”) and giving conferences (Chantal:”He loves talking to people and he is an excellent listener!”). David is inquisitive and open-minded. Nothing stops him (“I never let go!”). He is artistic, aesthetic and a perfectionist. It may sound incredible but David worked in the financial sector of the food industry for 20 years ;O. “My biggest failing is that I am a great optimist,” (According to Chantal: “Since I have known David, I have never seen him down or bad-tempered, even at 6 o’clock in the morning!”)

My dream: to reach the possible just beyond the impossible.



Going back several generations, the Genecand family has had a long tradition of home-made food, going from bakers, pastry chefs and butchers, to caterers, chefs, market gardeners and farmers. Almondgy® is produced on the premises of Genecand Catering.

Made in Carouge

The Genecand Catering kitchens guarantees that we master and control all the production steps of all our Almondgy® products.

Carouge being in Switzerland is, for our customers, the guarantee of world-renowned thoroughness and precision. Every single word, the smallest phrase, whether it be on our site, in our advertising or on our wrapping, is accredited by cantonal authorities. Rigour, Swiss rigour is what allows us to boast of “organic” … because it genuinely is organic.


Why Almondgy® ?

We want to offer something different, to inspire people to live well by guiding them in their nutritional choices.

We offer products that bring them vitality and endurance, whereby improving their physical, mental and emotional performance.


But there’s more


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